Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Snow in Las Vegas?

You never know when I'll actually get around to posting things. Sometimes technology ticks me off and I just wait until it's willing to work again. 

This last Thursday we had SNOW in Las Vegas! I know! Ellie was just as surprised as we were! 

We've seen snow off in the distance, on the mountain tops, but we are down in the valley and did not expect it here on the ground. We didn't have any at our house, but there were many places to the west of us that had snow stick. We had snow falling at home, but it didn't stick, which is perfectly fine with me. 

It was all over the news and social media, of course, so Mary and I decided to take a drive and go see what there was to see, snap a few pictures and give two of the dogs a day out. We took Ellie and Bailey out, leaving the eight year old's at home to enjoy some peace and quiet for a while.

We headed west on 215 toward the mountains. The highway curves south along the foothills and we knew we'd see snow on the way. The news reported the roads clear, so we were excited to see how much snow there was over there. As we got closer to the foothills we snow on top of houses and in yards. 

There in the foreground, sprinkled with snow, is Lone Mountain. Just it having snow on it was fun to see. It's little stump of a hill in front of the range of foothills that lead up to Mt. Charleston.

The clouds were hanging close to the tops of the mountains promising more snow in the higher elevations.

We exited the highway a couple of times to drive around looking for snow on the ground. And we found it! Everywhere there was snow on the ground there were people out with their cameras and kids playing and capturing moments of this rare Vegas occasion.

Ellie is the more experienced of these two with car rides. She was happy to be out, but was surely wondering why it was taking so long to get to the dog park. We did not dare say those words out loud, because, well, she would have been so disappointed. Bailey just lay in the back seat for most of our drive, but she did get up and curious of what was going on outside the car. When she discovered she could stand there next to Ellie, I think she was pretty proud of herself!

We got off the freeway again at Charleston Boulevard and headed west toward Red Rock Canyon. The park was closed, of course, but there were people everywhere, pulled to the side of the road, enjoying the scenery as we were.

The clouds along the canyon were spectacular! So many pictures sure to flood people's Facebook and Instagram pages, I'm sure!

People were by the side of the road, romping in the snow, and Mary wondered.... 'I sure hope they realize that under that small blanket of snow there are still rocks, cactus and other things that were there before the snow.'

Guess they'll figure it out.

Here's a shot of a neighborhood right by Lone Mountain. Palm trees and snow.

We weren't gone terribly long, but it was a nice drive and Mary got some great pictures! And Bailey was such a good pup, too!
She's settled in rather well, I think. Of course, the 8-year-old's still grumble at her a bit, but we let them settle their disputes, for the most part. Anna has played with Bailey a couple of times, but as with all the dogs, for Annabell playtime lasts about a minute and a half and she's done.
Maddie has become a bit more tolerant, but still grumbles and give THE most awesome doggy side-eye glances whenever Bailey is inserting herself in her space.
Ellie is a whole different story. She is SO happy to have someone to play with. She and Bailey play rambunctiously a couple times a day, racing around, tugging on each other and having a grand old time. Ellie has, however, had to exert some of her doggie grumbles to get her peace and quiet, especially when it comes to Mary's bed. Ellie doesn't like her up there.
I know the dogs will welcome the warmer weather that we are all looking forward to. They haven't had too many dog park romps lately. Aside from the wind and cold, the dog park is always wet. They don't mind, but it's a four dog bath time when we return to the house. 

The mountains outside my scrap room is gone now, but it was pretty while it lasted!