Saturday, October 13, 2018

Interior Design by Amazon

We've been in this rental home five months now, but are almost ready to move again. Yes, all the friends and family know that we are the masters of moving. Hopefully, this will be the last move here in Nevada until Bill and I are put in 'the home' where things like decorating won't be our concern.

We have lived in many a rental home and it didn't used to be a problem with decorating (except maybe my style, if I have one). We hung what we wanted on the walls and, upon leaving, patched up the holes, painted if necessary, and left the place in better condition than when we first signed the lease. That's just what we do. It didn't matter to some landlords, others weren't too accommodating.

The last landlord we had in Georgia had in the lease the exact number of nails we were allowed to put in the walls. I think it was 18, but it was probably less. I don't think we really hung much on the walls there. The asshole vibe from the landlord started right away and we chose not to count nails.

When we moved in the home was touted as being 'move-in ready'. If that meant that there were worms and leaves throughout the house from the windows being left open, then it was. The cabinets were filthy, inside and out. And we won't even discuss the huge yard. When it came time for us to move the landlord shared with us all his assholeness and there was a few heated exchanges before we were finally through with him.

Here we are now, in a rental home in Las Vegas, our town home nearing completion, and getting ready for a fight or two.

The town home was originally slated to close early January. Now it is 2 months early. Yeah. Early. We've had one round of negotiations regarding breaking our lease with the owner through the property management company and we're hoping it is resolved. Unless, of course, the assholeness rears it's ugly head and berates us on our walk-through when we've cleaned and shined the place.

With the town home near completion, I have been thinking about decorating. It'll be ours to do with what we please. We've already picked up a couple of gallons of paint to splash some color on the some of the walls and, since we can walk through the model whenever we want, we can visualize where we may want to put things before we actually get in ours. We've taken pictures, measured walls and marveled at how much storage is in the place!

Enter Amazon.
We're always buying from Amazon, so one evening I decided to see what I would find for decorating a bathroom. Start small. That's what I think.

So here are a few of the things I found when I searched Bathroom Decor on Amazon. Tell me what you think.

I love these four above. 
This one may be too close to reality for me, so I don't know.

So True.

Or just the 'Escape Room'. Works either way.

OMG. Yes.

So cute for our house full of dogs.

Kinda pretty.

Since we do not have small children anymore, I thought this was hilarious!

And these are cute. 

So, what do you think? I have to make a decision some time soon. If I don't get things on the walls in the new place within a reasonable amount of time it will make me crazy. 

Friday, October 12, 2018

Hoover Dam and Old Photos

When Bill and I came to Las Vegas last November (OMG, it's been almost a year ago!) for a look around at homes and neighborhoods for our future move, I drove up to Hoover Dam while Bill was in a meeting at work. I walked around a bit, took a bunch of photos, but didn't take the tour. I wanted to enjoy that once we were here, all together.

I don't know why this has popped in my head, but the other day I remembered some old photos of my Dad's. I don't know the actual date of these pictures.( I'd have to dig them out and that would take time. I still don't know where most things are that were packed for the move.) 

I'm happy I scanned them so I could share!

My shutter-bug tendencies from my Dad, so it was really fun to put these pictures together! 

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Yesterday, Mary and I got out of the house for a while and drove up to Spring Mountain Ranch State Park. It's just west of Red Rock and just before Bonnie Springs where we found this cute little llama.

 We needed to get out for a while as the storm of paperwork and email communication for the closing on the town home has begun. We were supposed to close in January. Now it's the middle of November, maybe earlier. This is good in one way; Las Vegas is Booming and they are building everywhere! I've heard of shortages of construction workers, so many new builds take longer. Having ours close in January was okay because it gave us time to get funds together and since we have a year lease on this rental home. Now, however, we are already preparing for a move. Across town, but still a move. 

Yesterday, though, we threw all responsibility to the wind and went for a drive. We drove past Red Rock and stopped in at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park. The weather was beautiful! Other than having to walk through a field of grass (which Mary is really allergic to), the walk up to the Ranch home was really pretty!
The views were spectacular! We both had the same thoughts. We could SO live here.

We could only imagine the peace and quiet here.
Once we got closer to the ranch home, our visions of peace and quiet were threatened a bit. There were three tour buses there and so many people milling about in the home. We popped in there for a minute, but quickly left. We can go back another time.

 Mary was, of course, thrilled with being able to take some close up shots of the cows that were lounging in one area just behind the home. She would have gone into the pasture to pet them if it wasn't closed off.

Soon we were off to Bonnie Springs where we spent some time with a llama and some other critters. Once I snag Mary's camera card, I'm sure I'll have some really cute pictures to share!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Las Vegas Parks ~ Aliante Nature Discovery Park

9.3.18 Aliante Nature Discovery Park
We've driven past this park in North Las Vegas several times in our comings and goings, so Bill and I finally pulled in to take a look.

It's still a bit too hot for me to spend too much time walking around, or hiking, as Bill likes to call it, so we meandered around this little lake, around the playground and took a few pictures.

The southern part of the park is home to a library Mary and I visited, tennis courts, a sand volleyball court and quite a few picnic tables. There are always people in parks here, probably because it's where the most grass is located! We only found the other side with the pond, waterfall and children's area this day Bill and I were out.

The waterfall feature is really pretty, but the pond was horribly dirty. There's a lot of wind here, blowing trash around all the time. A lot of trash, because, apparently, people here don't think they should take their trash with them after their gatherings. They leave it all over the tables and the wind picks it up and spreads it everywhere.

There were plenty of geese and ducks around. We heard their presence as soon as we got out of the car and noticed their trail of droppings everywhere long before we actually caught sight of them. 

We walked over, carefully, to see them in this little part of the pond where there was a sign prominently near the water's edge to not feed the birds.
 The birds were making a bee line across the water to a little family who had a huge bag of bread...feeding the birds. Their young son squealed with delight as the birds made their way to the area near the table they were seated.
 I came up next to them and asked if they minded if I took some pictures and said, after a snap or two,
 "You know, geese bite."
The mom screeched with horror and stood on the bench to get away from the ferocious creatures as I walked away, giggling just a little to myself.

Bill and I wandered around the pond, spying a few little turtles sunning themselves on the shore only to hop into the water as we got close. No pictures of those little guys. 

As you round the pond and the other side of the waterfall, there is a children's playground with some impressive toys to climb on and a 'fountain' area for kids to play in, a wonderful feature for the parks here with the heat. Of course, the playground is more sand than grass, so I can only imagine the wet, sandy children all piling into their parent's mini-vans to head home. They all looked like they were having a great time, though.
I didn't take pictures where the kids were playing. The playground was full of families and children, so I thought it was best to not plaster the kids faces all over my public blog. I'll have to go back and grab a couple when there is not so many people frolicking.

The dinosaur sculptures were cool! There is a sand area where kids can 'dig' for fossils. I only saw one child partaking in that adventure in the hot sand.

The weather is starting to cool down a bit, so wandering parks will be a bit more fun for me. The triple digits should be hibernating for fall and winter; something I am truly looking forward to.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

And.... She's 21!

She's been waiting a long time for this day to come! Didn't we all? It was especially hard once we moved to Las Vegas. If you're not 21 you can't go into a lot of places. Well, you can, but you're prohibited in doing things. No drinking, no gambling. You can't even stand in certain places! It was very aggravating for Mary when her Aunt and Uncle were here for a visit and we had to change tables in a restaurant because the one we had been seated at was in the bar.

So close, but so far away for a couple of months here.

When we first moved to Vegas, Dayna was SO excited to plan Mary's 21st birthday.

(in a sort of evil big sister kind of way)

We had a practice run, of sorts, with my niece, Katie, back in November. Dayna performed a 'controlled drunk' for Katie and it was hilarious. We walked around the Strip, in and out of some casinos, and watched Katie get drunk and funny. So cute. And we were safe, watching over her as she consumed.
I didn't take pictures of Katie while we were drinking. If I did, I wouldn't post those here. Not without written permission, anyway.

All Mary wanted for her 21st was to spend time with her sister and her cousin. We've lived so far away from them for too long. It was SO good to see everyone.

Dayna, Bryan, Katie & Paris drove up on Thursday and we were off to the Strip in the afternoon. Mary was pretty adamant that she wasn't going to get drunk, but, whether she really did it willingly or was just appeasing her sister, I don't know.
We started out at Fat Tuesday for some frozen drinks. We found one that Mary could tolerate. She doesn't like the strawberry margarita that I like, so she tasted a couple and landed on a coconut flavor one that I can't think of the name. As we walked around she was encouraged to 'drink up' by her drunk coordinator, Dayna.

My three favorite girls

We came upon some random guys on the corner who had snakes! I saw them and started talking to them while everyone was walking ahead of me. They had to come back to see what I was doing!
 Mary had some slot machine lessons. Dayna popped in twenty bucks and Mary cashed out with thirty something, which paid for the Long Island Iced Teas at the bar.
Bill was the cup holder for the many trips to the Ladies Room. He wasn't drinking all of those.

 This is where it started getting serious.
 I don't know what they were drinking, but I knew that when Mary stood up...
her world was going to change.

 No more walking on her own. And we didn't make it back to that bar. That may have been a good thing.
 We intended on feeding her and were seated in a restaurant nearby, but things turned hinky and we left. She was pretty happy while we sat there, though, especially when she recognized us!
We decided to head home. Bryan and Dayna were her crutches. She told Bryan, 'You know you're my brother, now, right?' and went on and on about cinnamon and ranch. (You had to be there.) Bill and I were the designated driver's for the night. We had shared one drink when we first got there, but by the time we headed home we were good to go. 

We had two cars, so Bill, Dayna and Mary got home first, while Bryan, Katie, Paris and I stopped to pick up some food before we got home. By the time we got there, Dayna had Mary changed and showered. We tried to get her to eat, but she was falling asleep with french fries in her hand. We tucked her in, hoping she wouldn't wake up and be sick, but put a trash can nearby...just in case.

She woke up fine in the morning! We were all pretty surprised. She has no memory of events following the multiple shots at the last bar. 

I don't think this will be repeated anytime soon, but it was fun.