Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Yesterday, Mary and I got out of the house for a while and drove up to Spring Mountain Ranch State Park. It's just west of Red Rock and just before Bonnie Springs where we found this cute little llama.

 We needed to get out for a while as the storm of paperwork and email communication for the closing on the town home has begun. We were supposed to close in January. Now it's the middle of November, maybe earlier. This is good in one way; Las Vegas is Booming and they are building everywhere! I've heard of shortages of construction workers, so many new builds take longer. Having ours close in January was okay because it gave us time to get funds together and since we have a year lease on this rental home. Now, however, we are already preparing for a move. Across town, but still a move. 

Yesterday, though, we threw all responsibility to the wind and went for a drive. We drove past Red Rock and stopped in at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park. The weather was beautiful! Other than having to walk through a field of grass (which Mary is really allergic to), the walk up to the Ranch home was really pretty!
The views were spectacular! We both had the same thoughts. We could SO live here.

We could only imagine the peace and quiet here.
Once we got closer to the ranch home, our visions of peace and quiet were threatened a bit. There were three tour buses there and so many people milling about in the home. We popped in there for a minute, but quickly left. We can go back another time.

 Mary was, of course, thrilled with being able to take some close up shots of the cows that were lounging in one area just behind the home. She would have gone into the pasture to pet them if it wasn't closed off.

Soon we were off to Bonnie Springs where we spent some time with a llama and some other critters. Once I snag Mary's camera card, I'm sure I'll have some really cute pictures to share!

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