Friday, October 12, 2018

Hoover Dam and Old Photos

When Bill and I came to Las Vegas last November (OMG, it's been almost a year ago!) for a look around at homes and neighborhoods for our future move, I drove up to Hoover Dam while Bill was in a meeting at work. I walked around a bit, took a bunch of photos, but didn't take the tour. I wanted to enjoy that once we were here, all together.

I don't know why this has popped in my head, but the other day I remembered some old photos of my Dad's. I don't know the actual date of these pictures.( I'd have to dig them out and that would take time. I still don't know where most things are that were packed for the move.) 

I'm happy I scanned them so I could share!

My shutter-bug tendencies from my Dad, so it was really fun to put these pictures together! 

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