Monday, November 12, 2018

Time to unplug

Our third truck for this move will be here shortly, so it's time to unplug the computer, TV, cable and all that stuff for the move to the new place. This computer has been chugging along rather haphazardly lately, so I don't really even know if it will fire up again after shutting it down. (So much for spending a little more on a computer that would last more than 2 years.) (Don't get me started.)

I drove Bill into work so I could have the car. Mary works today.  The drive into Las Vegas was awesome! The construction on I-15 has progressed nicely, so there wasn't dead-stopped traffic on the way. Well, and it was really early, too. So, that helped.

There are a ton of great views when driving down the freeway, but nowhere to stop and take a picture! I tried to catch the sun coming up, lighting up the east facing buildings on the strip as I left the Gulfstream parking lot, just off Las Vegas Blvd., but it didn't really catch it well.

The house is quiet for now. Mary should be up soon, getting ready for work as I scurry around and get the last few things ready for the movers to come. 

We had help Saturday from a couple of guys Bill works with and they knocked out a ton of moving! There is only a few things left for the 'hired' guys to move today.

Bill worked his butt off all weekend getting stuff done. I honestly don't know how he did it all. 

The dogs are quite confused. We've taken them all over to the new place so they could see that the stuff was there and they could stink it up a bit with that oh, so lovely dog smell. Ellie is the needy one, though. She doesn't like it at all. Of course, the last time she witnessed all the packing, the boxes and the movers she ended up in a crate and on a plane. We keep telling her not to worry, but there's no convincing her. She thinks we're evil and mean and just trying to mess with her, I think. When she sees Mary's bed put together at the new place, I think she'll be convinced. Maybe.

Tail tucked, panting and hiding under the table by Bill. She is not a happy dog right now. Saturday night they did have a romp in the grass at the dog park across from the new place. She was SO happy to zoom around in the grass! I know she'll settle in, but it's a bit heartbreaking to see her confused little face.

Maddie and Annabell don't care a bit.

Time to get moving!

Friday, November 9, 2018

November. The Move is On!

Our November so far…

Monday was the signing of the papers. The rest of Monday and most of Tuesday I was in bed battling the scourge that beset me from God knows where. Needed sleep. Got some, but apparently, insomnia was just waiting in the wings ready to pounce back into action once it deemed I had had all the sleep it would allow.

Wednesday we did our final walk-through of the town home, saw that they had fixed all the little things we found earlier and then we waited until we could go pick up the keys.

Yesterday was full on piling stuff into the cars and hauling it over there. Bill was awesome, carrying all the boxes as I could hardly carry myself.

Two of the dogs got to go for a visit so they could see where all the stuff was going and to start laying down the dog-stink to insure that this would, in fact, be their new dog-cave.

The last time they saw boxes like this they had to take that plane ride. We could not convince them that they would not have to do that again.

Maddie was first. She had a great time with a quick run in the dog park, a bark or two at the construction workers there on site and a romp up and down the new stairs.

And discovering new lights and shadows to obsess over.



On my next trip over I brought Annabell, but she was running around so much I never got a picture of her! She was really happy! I don’t know if she was just enjoying her doggie-alone time with us or she was relieved to see all the ‘stuff’ that we’d been hauling out of the house.

Bill put down a patch of paint on three walls that we’re adding color to. The gray wall behind Maddie looks really dark in this picture and the room needs a bit of color. I love the gray and white, it’s so much better than looking at the walls in the rental home, but still needs some color. That wall is getting painted, one wall in the master and one wall in Mary’s room.

Today is more packing and transporting and getting ready for a couple of Bill’s cohorts from work to come tomorrow to lift some of the bigger stuff into the U-Haul.

Utilities are taken care of, no thanks to their respective internet accounts (worthless.) It was better speaking to a real person! Who’d a thunk.

The biggest surprise for this morning (other than the fact that I woke up after only 2.25559999 hours of sleep, was that I actually turned the heater on! It was only 68 degrees in the house, but the expanse of tile flooring here was like walking on ice.

So, I’m off! Slow motion at it’s best. Have calls to make. Boxes to pack. Dog hair to remove.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

When a truck hits you and you don't even know it...

Monday, Bill and I headed to the title company to sign the million and two papers for the town home.

I didn't feel good, but wasn't too concerned.

By the time we were finished, about 2 1/2 hours later, I was concerned.

I was freezing.

Not just cold.



That means only one thing.

I don't get sick too often. When I do...

This thing hit me out of nowhere, unless not being able to sleep the two nights prior was an indication.

And it's not like I don't have anything else to do... like move. 

Even sleeping made me achy and tired. How can that even be a thing?

We are going to the final walk-thru on the townhome in about an hour. Hopefully, it's perfect. Hopefully, we get the keys. Thankfully, we have plenty of time to move before we have to be out of this place.