Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Saturday Drive

Anywhere outside of Las Vegas is a bit of a drive. We always love to explore our new surroundings. After all, since 1995, Nevada is our 4th new state to live in!

Facebook is handy finding things going on in all kinds of places and one day a balloon festival coming up popped up on my page.

You can find it here.
We decided to head up to Mesquite, Nevada on Saturday to see what was what, thinking about going up for the balloon festival. It's only about an hour away making it a good day trip. It was pretty chilly, but still a good driving day.

We got there just about lunch time, so we stopped at Peggy Sue's Diner.

It was pretty busy and the food was pretty good, but it was a bit run down and in need of some remodeling. It was nice to sit down and enjoy some breakfast for lunch, though. Other than the coffee cup with lipstick still on it, the food was good and hot.

Outside the diner there were a couple of old vehicles. I always like to take pictures of those.

We wandered around the Casa Blanca Hotel and debated on whether or not to book a room for the balloon festival. We decided to just drive up on the day of, it's not too far.

There's not a whole lot to look at in Mesquite other than the casinos, so it wasn't too long before we were on the road again, heading north to St. George, Utah. I had wanted to go up there in December for the Dicken's Christmas Festival, but we didn't make it to that. Maybe next year.

St. George is beautiful, though, even on a cold, cloudy January day. Our first stop was for something warm in anticipation of doing some wandering.

Starbucks, of course. What can I say. We're a bit addicted to this stuff. We stopped into the Kitchen Store to look for a gadget we've been hunting for, then we were off to explore a bit.

After walking through some antique stores on Main Street, we found the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve. We'd come around a bend in the road and spotted some people sitting way up on the top of these hills, so we decided to check it out! We did not, however, venture to the top of the cliffs, but walked around a bit, enjoying the view.

The views were amazing and we look forward to coming back on a sunny day!

We headed home from there, back down I-15 toward Vegas, with a quick and disgusting trip into the Jack-in-the-Box in Mesquite. I know. We should have found something else to curb our appetite, but actually, after being in there a few minutes we weren't very hungry any more. Their corporate office has heard all about our visit.

This week is flying by and, hopefully, the last of the tradesmen are coming to fix one more thing. I don't think we have any wandering plans this weekend, but I'll let you know!

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